Some 3D models for XRDok

While you can use any 3D models you like or choose to download from Sketchfab (They have a great list of CC-licensed gltf-models to use), we provide you with some essential models around a city theme. We also have an airport. Making them available for XRDok is easy – a one-liner. All you have to do is use the Aframe <a-asset-item> tag and reference the source URL. It is always enclosed by the <a-assets> tag. This can be either local on your server or development system, or distributed via a CDN. The basic pattern is like this:

<a-asset-item id="car" src="./path/to/car.gltf"></a-asset-item>

Note that the model can also be referenced by a gltf binary file *.glb (that has model and materials in a single file) like

<a-asset-item id="car" src="./path/to/car.glb"></a-asset-item>

You can later on reference the id of your asset to use it inside a scene. This is very simple:

<a-entity gltf-model="#car">

And that’s it. Have fun trying things out. Check out this example at

A list of models

We have provided some models for your convenience and already uploaded them to a webspace, so you can use and reference them in your own projects. Here’s a list of them, already providing the signatures.

At the beginning, we’ll start with a car.
<a-asset-item id="car" src=""></a-asset-item>

Here is a bench for you.
<a-asset-item id="bench" src=""></a-asset-item>

And a fancy tree.
<a-asset-item id="tree" src=""></a-asset-item>

We also have a city building.
<a-asset-item id="building" src=""></a-asset-item>

Maybe you could use this lantern.
<a-asset-item id="lantern" src=""></a-asset-item>

Trash has to go somehere, right?
<a-asset-item id="trash" src=""></a-asset-item>

And you can use straight,
<a-asset-item id="street-straight" src=""></a-asset-item>

<a-asset-item id="street-curved" src=""></a-asset-item>

and rounded roads.
<a-asset-item id="street-rounded" src=""></a-asset-item>

We have a fully fledged airport. Set its scale to “0.01 0.01 0.01” when using it.
<a-asset-item id="ber-airport" src=""></a-asset-item>

We also have some 3D models from a famous painting. These are from August Macke’s painting, “Little Walter’s toys”. Here’s one of the balls.
<a-asset-item id="ball1" src=""></a-asset-item>

And the second.
<a-asset-item id="ball2" src=""></a-asset-item>

A cute bunny.
<a-asset-item id="bunny" src=""></a-asset-item>

And a guinea pig.
<a-asset-item id="guinea-pig" src=""></a-asset-item>

Maybe there is something inside the Matryoshka?
<a-asset-item id="matryoshka" src=""></a-asset-item>

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